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Good Health is Good Business

American Health Data Institute (AHDI) prides itself in having created a unique product that lowers major medical plan healthcare expenditures for the workforce and improves the employers’ financial bottom-line.

AHDI have been awarded 4 US Patents in regard to engagement, protocols and data analytics centered around disease management and population health improvement with decades of proven results.

Corporate Benefits Have Changed

The Proactive Health Management Plan (PHMP) includes a limited benefit health insurance plan designed to provide preventive, diagnostic and maintenance services for all employees.

The PHMP begins with the election of a section 125 (cafeteria plan) which reduces taxable income, creating payroll tax savings for employers and employees.

Utilization of benefits provided through the PHMP qualifies participants for a fully insured fixed benefit payment. PHMP policies are underwritten exclusively by carriers rated A (excellent) or A+ (superior) by AM Best.

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Employers may realize an annual average savings of up to $324* per employee participating in the PHMP through reduction in payroll tax liability.


The additional services provided by the PHMP may enhance your current employee benefit offering.


The PHMP can help you prepare for the future by analyzing current and potential health risks afflicting your staff.

The PHMP Keeps you informed every step of the way

Employer Report

The PHMP’s monthly employer report gives a thorough look into how the PHMP is impacting your business growth.

Financial Growth

Not only does the PHMP increase your employee’s take-home pay, it also benefits your company’s bottom line.

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